Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Talk about Tuesday!

I have been so busy with things, I didn't post anything for my son, on October 10th. (His Birthday) So, I figured I would talk about him today!
My son Ryker just turned 9. He has always been such a blessing! With having my 2 wild girls first, God blessed me with a mellow relaxed boy!
He can be pretty rambunctious, when together with friends. Other then that, He still likes to cuddle with his mommy:)
He is the only boy surrounded by many girls, but I am hoping someday he will be the most caring and loving husband and father, because he will already know so much about how women work:) He was very disappointed when we found out we were having another girl, but now he wouldn't trade her for the world!
He loves his baby sister so much, and he loves that she looks so much like him, as a baby!
Ryker is a wonderful baseball player, and he is catching onto his football quite well! He loves to play sports. He also loves his video games. It is amazing to watch him with those games! He just flies right through them, mastering them and asking for a new game:)
He is very good in school and always wants to be the best student! The other day his 7th grade sister came to me with a math problem, they couldn't figure out! I told her to read it to me, and as Ryker sat at the table doing his homework, he blurted out" That's easy! It's 6!", and he was right! Sometimes he just amazes me! I know God has wonderful plans for my baby boy, and I hope he chooses to go in the ways God leads him, making the right choices in life!

I Love you Ryker! Happy late birthday!
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Christine said...

Awwww how sweet! He looks/sounds like a great kid! Happy Birthday to him!

Mrs. Organic said...

That is just how my brother turned out - he is a very thoughtful husband. Although he was a bit of a tease when we were growing up.

HDMac said...

He is a great grandson. Actually he is my first grandson of 15 grandchildren of which 5 are boys. :) He is a very sweet guy and loved very much! Nice post! Great memory pics!!