Friday, September 26, 2008


This is my beautiful Baby Girl!! She is just over 3 months! Big Girl!!! So, it's Friday my 3 older kids have just left, with their dad, for a weekend of camping, with the Cub Scouts. My son was a little disappointed! He will have to miss one of his football games, but he'll enjoy himself!!!
I'm looking forward to tomorrow! My mother and I will be heading out of town, to see my sister and sister in Laws, to have a craft day! Mom has planned it all out and I'm sure it will be great!
It will be an early morning, but it will be worth it! Just hope baby girl decides to sleep through the night tonight:)
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


HDMac said...

Mother? LOL.. I didn't think you ever called me mother, except maybe when you are mad at me! :) JK. Love that baby girl! Can hardly wait to get my hands on her tomorrow. I just got back from the store with the Taco Salad ingredients AND I got the ingredients to make the fall Candy corn bars for a treat! :) Going to get everything cooked and chopped tonight to take with us tomorrow. Don't let me forget it, ok??!!! lol

love ya

HDMac said...

Give "RP" a kiss for me and tell her grammie luvs her!!!!

HDMac said...

You should come and see your pretty new picture on grammy's website. :)