Monday, September 29, 2008

Craft Day!!!

Craft Day was great, I think we all enjoyed ourselves! My older sister showed us all how to make headbands and hair bows. It was amazing, how you could take the same ribbon, put it in a different order, and come up with so many beautiful different patterns!
It was difficult at first, but once we all caught onto the weaving pattern, they really came together, and went much quicker! I can't wait to do more for all my girls!

The 2 youngest cousins, got to know each other a little as they laid together, grabbing each others hands, and tugging on each others toys, it was adorable!

We are all looking forward to getting together again in the Spring!


HDMac said...

It was a TERRIFIC day!!! We really DID all enjoy ourselves and I am so happy that everyone wants to make this an annual event! :)

HDMac said...

I also meant to tell you that you did a good job of staging your headbands to take a pic of them. :)