Wednesday, September 24, 2008

California Trip day 2

The 2nd day we were off to Universal Studios! We went to the Water World Show first and the kids love it! My son wants to see the movie now, but the movie store in town doesn't care it anymore. He was very disappointed:(

The kids enjoyed the tour, we ended up in the back, which the kids were a little disappointed about. But it was all worth it when we were visiting the Bates Motel, and Mr Bates was coming at us and ended with knife in hand right beside my boyfriend, Kevin as we were driving off:)

We did get a nice view of the demonstration on how they blow up cars also. I was pretty happy to get such a good picture.

Then we were off to all the other rides, the kids really enjoyed the Simpson's ride!

While we were in line for the Back draft, the Scoobey Doo gang drove by and waved to us. That was the last excitement of the day, then back to the Motel to swim for the evening!

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HDMac said...

Keep checking for Water World on demand in the free section.