Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our California Trip

This summer we took a vaction to California. An 18 hour drive with 4 kids. My oldet didn't want to go, because she couldn't bring a friend and she really wanted to go to Sea World, but Sea World wasn't on our list this time. So she stayed with the baby @ Grandmas house. I know Grandma enjoyed having them for the week, but I sure missed them.

So we had my 2 other children, and my boyfriends 2 children. We made sure we headed out at night so the kids would sleep on the way, but that didn't go over so well. They were so excited about getting their, the girls didn't sleep well. So we ended up hearing a lot more "Are we there yet"s then we had wanted:)

We got to our motel about 4:00! We hit the LA traffic we didn't figure in. I guess it starts around 2 like it does in the Seattle area! So we settled in got some Little Ceaser Pizza, and went swimmimg!

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