Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 4 California

California Adventure! It was even hotter today, and no shade over these lines:( I thought it would be so much fun, the kids wouldn't want to complain:) But, the heat and the long lines didn't go over well:(

So we went on all the most popular rides! The Toy Story Ride was one of the favorites, and of course the Big Roller coaster. I think I enjoyed the Flight over California Ride the most, It is amazing how sitting in a seat with a movie screen all around you, can feel so real.It felt like you could just reach out and touch everything.

It only took about 4 hours to go on everything we wanted, so then we headed back over to Disneyland, to get our autographs. On the way out we ran into Chip & Dale, Stitch, and Minnie and Pluto.

We got over to Disneyland and the parade was just about to begin. We had the best spot! We were in the middle with the benches. The girls stood right at the edge of the road, and all the characters were talking right to them! They even got some High-Fives.

When the Parade was all over we went over to Town Hall and found out where some of the other characters were so we could get pictures and autographs!

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