Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 6 Hollywood then HOME!!!

So this morning we checked out of motel, and headed to Hollywood to check out the Walk of Fame. We ran into a bunch of people dressed up as different movie characters. Never having been there before, we didn't realize they depend on getting tips for pictures and autographs. We didn't bring cash! But my son was so happy to see Jack Black, Zorro, Spider Man, etc. They were going straight up to them for autographs, and they were already posing for pictures by the time we could spit out that we had no cash! Some of them were OK about it but others were quite rude! I was a little irritated, because we were trying to walk through them without stopping at all of them, feeling bad I didn't have cash, but they ask the kids if they want pictures and then are rude when they found out there is no money! I don't think that is very fair. So I gave up on feeling bad and just started taking pictures.
Then we were back on the road heading home to get my 2 girls that were at Grandmas!

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