Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Field trip to Pioneer Museum

More wordless Wednesday.............

Good old days of Mam and Sir :) I wish the children where still taught the respect in the class rooms!

I grew up going to a Private school, which had a lot of the same rules as this classroom from 100 years ago. I think I learned a lot from the respect I was raised to have!

I know, I can never make it without words! I'm not known for my big mouth or anything:)

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HDMac said...

LOL.... you don't have a big mouth... it just moves all the time! :)

Those are GREAT pictures!!!!! She is really photogenic.

love ya

Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

I haven't seen desks like those in ages! Okay, so maybe not that long ago in relation to how old they are. I used to play on them with my cousins. My grandparents got them from the Catholic school inventory sale or something. Anyway, it's very cool to see your kids having a good time in them, too. Can't imagine having to WORK with desks like those. Just play. :)