Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or treat

Wow, this Halloween, was finally a decent temperature for the first time, since having my first child, 13 years ago. Normally, the kids have to be bundled up they can't move, in fact this year my son was so warm from his thick long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt under his costume, he was completely drench. Poor boy!!!

We headed out at 5:30, I thought it was way to early, but they saw another child out, and the fun began:) I couldn't believe the hand fulls of candy people where handing out! The got way to much!! We ended at 7:30 and and they ended up with 2 ice cream buckets each:( Good thing they tend not to like a lot of it, and that gets handed over to Kevin for his lunches.


Christine said...

AWWW they look great! We had oddly warm weather here too and it was awesome! Happy Halloween!

HDMac said...

:) Well, and don't forget that one of the dears shared with grammie! :)

Cute pics. lol.... and 5:30 around here isn't too early - unless that was 5:30 in the morning! HA!

Look at that little Miss Hannah Montana back there!