Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Antique pitures

Friday, the kids got home from school, and it was time to curl all the girls hair!

Mops had a picture fundraiser, to take antique pictures.

The girls were all having so much fun getting ready. I had a hard time keeping them still , to not mess up there hair.

My son Ryker was playing video games, and complaining how he didn't want to take his pictures, and he wasn't going. Of course that's all just for girls:)

So, in between preparing dinner and the babies cries (who of course would not take the nap I planned for her. So she would be all ready for pictures), I was running back and forth between girls, curlers , curling irons, and bobby pins. Making sure not to burn the poor girls, as I'm pulling them every which way. I wanted them perfect for their pictures.

But of course by the time we got out the door and rushed into the church for our evening of poses! We were'nt quite so together!!!

We got all the dresses on, and fought my son to wear his overalls, without his pants underneath. I have never known a boy to be as modest as my son:) They were baggy, and he had to have his pants under. So we rolled his pants up underneath trying our best to make sure they wouldn't show!:)

As I saw my baby girl sitting for the first time in a little chair, i just had to break out my camera. So snapping away I realized, I had better stop! I'm sure they wouldn't be very happy, since of course it would keep me from buying there $40 a sheet picture:(

I wish I would have thought of getting pictures of the others kids too, because of course I am going to want to buy them all, I just know they are going to be great. But I will have the 1- 11x13 with all of them together, which of course will have to go up on the wall, for everyone to see as we enter in the house.

It was a lot of fun. wearing, but FUN!

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Christine said...

AWWWWW! Those are CUTE pictures! LOVE the pearls! And LOL, your story makes me a little nervous about our pic appt this weekend for our family of SIX ;-) Their curls are SO CUTE! Think I might try that on my girls!

HDMac said...

LOL... GREAT pictures!!!!! But where is Ryk???????????????? Wanted to see him in his overalls! LOL.. I can just see you getting ready.... the attempt at getting ready! hahaha

love ya,

HDMac said...

You know what makes me ssaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddd though? I was looking at some pictures of Brit and Andrea when younger, not even THAT much younger, but these girls are losing their little girl faces and growing up....... I miss the little in them!!!!!!!!!

Dreamer said...

those turned out so cute!