Friday, November 21, 2008

12 Weeks of Christmas

I have decided for my nieces and nephews, I will be making Quillows. If I have time I will make them for my kids too.

I just need to get some of the 40% off an item at JoAnnes, that come out every week! I broke my computer and can't print them out. So I will have to do it at my moms this weekend.
For the older girls I'm sure I'll b doing Hannah Montanna, the younger girls princess, and the boys will be sports and trucks. I will probably do most the same material to make my 40% an item go further:)

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HDMac said...

The day after Thanksgiving, fleece might go to 50 or 60% off .... so we will watch for that flyer. I may hhve some fleece you can use too.....we can check tomorrow. I know I have a really cute teddy bear one.... just not sure I want to part with it ... but better put to use than taking up room in my nicely organized craft room!!!!!!!